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Geothermal is the environmental alternative.

Did you know that gas, oil, and electricity are not your only choices for heating and cooling your home? Inside the earth is another system that provides clean, renewable energy at only a fraction of the usual methods of heating and air conditioning. Geothermal energy is here!

• Costs only about 20% of gas, oil, or electricity

• Creates no greenhouse gases

• One system delivers both heating and cooling

• Can heat your home, pool, and water

• Underground units take up very little room

• Federal and local incentives cover 30% to 60% of cost

• You could qualify for an additional 20% discount!

Why geothermal heat and AC?

The best thing you can do for our environment and your wallet is use a renewable, clean form of energy. That's geothermal. The air in your home changes with the seasons, but the air beneath your home stays constant and can be used for both heating and cooling if needed.


Learn more from Elite Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC and you'll soon be saving both money and the environment!

More than just heating and cooling.

Geothermal cooling uses 80% less energy compared to most AC units.

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